which variety of rock is used for making talcum powder is ansewer

which variety of rock is used for making talcum powder is ansewer

Jun 08, 2009 A powder made from crushed rock? Talcum powder, made from crushed magnesium silicate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TalcTalc. Why does …

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These properties have made talcum powder an important ingredient in many baby powders, foot powders, first aid powders, and a variety of cosmetics. A form of talc known as soapstone is also widely known. This soft rock is easily carved and has been used to make ornamental and practical objects for thousands of years. It has been used to make ...

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(v) Soft rocks are used for making talcum powder, chalks etc. (vii) What are metamorphic rocks? Answer The rocks which are formed due to conversion of igneous and sedimentary rocks under great heat and pressure is called metamorphic rocks. 2. Tick the correct answer. (i) The rock which is made up of molten magma is (a) Igneous (b) Sedimentary ...

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Gold and Silver used in making jewellery. Graphite : Graphite is soft black mineral, used in making lead in pencils. Coal : Coal is used to burn fire and produce electricity. China Clay : China Clay is used for making crockery paper and electric wires. Talc: Talc is used in making Talcum powder. Gemstones : Gemstones are hard minerals.

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Aug 02, 2021 Very Short Answer Type Questions. Question 1. Mention one example of hard and soft rock with their use. Answer: Hard rock like marble has been used for making the Taj Mahal and soft rock like soap stone is used for making talcum powder. Question 2. Give the reason for variation of soil colour at different places. Answer:

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The Production Of Talc And A Deep Analysis Of The Talc Market. Known as the softest mineral in the world, talc has a rating of 1 on the Mohs hardness scale and can be scratched with a fingernail. Although talc is famous for its use in talcum powder, it has broad applications in plastics, ceramics, insecticides, cosmetics, automotive and more.

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Talc is the softest mineral found on Earth, reaching just 1 on Mohs scale of hardness, it is often used to make talcum powder. Which is the rarest mineral? Painite : Not just the rarest gemstone, but also the rarest mineral on earth, Painite holds the Guinness World Record for it.

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Oct 25, 2017 The main ingredient in talcum powder is talc, a soft white rock. It’s been ground up and bottled. Baby powder was traditionally talcum powder, although due to health concerns, what’s sold as ...

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Jul 29, 2021 Talcum powder is really a saviour in the summertime as it helps in relieving the itching and other problems caused due to the heat during this season. Not only that, but it also has a lot of other uses in our daily lives that make it one of the most useful beauty/daily use products. However, in the past few years, talcum powder has taken a ...

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Mar 31, 2021 a fine grained mineral having a soft soapy feel and consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate; used in a variety of products including talcum powder apply talcum powder to (one's body) 6 letter answer(s) to bath powder

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What is the softest rock type? Talc is the softest mineral on Earth. The Mohs scale of hardness uses talc as its starting-point, with a value of 1. Talc is a silicate (like many of the Earth’s most common minerals), and in addition to silicon and oxygen, contains magnesium and water arranged into sheets in …

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Apr 29, 2021 Talc Powder Explained. Talc is frequently used in baby powder and cosmetic products, but it’s also used in a variety of other industries.. Talc powder, also called talcum powder, is used in many non-cosmetic products as well, including construction, plastics, rubber, coatings, pharmaceuticals, and paper, because it’s versatile, absorbs moisture, and is inexpensive.

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Many types of minerals are made when molten rock, or magma cools and turns into a solid. Talc, a mineral that can be used to make baby powder, forms deep in Earth as high pressure and temperature causes. Problem 7 A golden-colored cube is handed to you. The person wants you to buy it for , saying that is a gold nugget.

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Which variety of rock is used for making talcum powder? Answer: Soap stone rock is used for manufacture of talcum powder, as it is a very soft rock.

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Dec 05, 2008 Talcum powder is made from the soft mineral talc. Besides talcum powder, the mineral is used in food, cosmetics and electric cable.

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(ii) Used for making roofs (iii) Used for making talcum powder (iv) Used for cutting glass (v) Burnt for cooking. Check the answers of worksheet on rocks, soils and minerals: Answers: I. (i) (a) marble (ii) (a) powder (iii) (a) diamond (iv) (a) sandstone (v) (b) burning. II. (i) sandstone (ii) china clay (iii) slates (iv) Graphite (v) Granite. III. (i) Rocks are made up of minerals.

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